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To assist in meeting the common regeneration objectives of both Athy and Rhyl, the two towns have joined in partnership to share ideas and experiences - Regenerating Athy & Rhyl Project. With support from the EU's Interreg III programme, initiatives will be put in place to support communities with the development of enterprise, training and forming effective local and cross border networks.

There are three core aims to the project, these are:

  • To develop effective networks between like organisations in Athy and encourage networking with similar groups in Rhyl.
  • To provide support for people wishing to start-up their own business and for existing businesses that wish to develop their enterprise.
  • To include under-represented groups in a broader range of activities and assist them to fully participate in the local economy.

This presents significant opportunities for the communities of Athy and Rhyl to participate in local and cross border initiatives designed to develop the local economies of the two towns.

For example, businesses in Athy can use the networks established by the project staff to develop new markets in north Wales and the UK for their products or services. Additionally, they can share the benefits and resources by participating in a cross border network.

For further information on RAR Project click here to view the website. The project offices are located at:

Athy Training & Enterprise Centre
Woodstock St
Co Kildare

Tel: 059 8634758
Fax: 059 8640842
Web: www.athyrar.com
Email: info@athyrar.com

Athy Town Portal: www.athy.ie

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